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I have worked on sustainability issues for over 20 years with a focus on Latin America spliting my work between Costa Rica and Europe - living 8 years in the US.  I have co-created several organizations and initiatives:  


  • Co-created a podcast in Spanish language "Ponerse las Pilas" focused on decarbonization - starting June 2019

  • Co-created Costa Rica Limpia as a strategy group to promote renewable energy and electric mobility (costaricalimpia.org).

  • Co-created the Electric Mobility Association in Costa Rica - I'm Vice President of the Board (Asomove.com)

  • Co-designed the Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS LAC) Platform -  www.ledslac.org  and was Vice Chair

  • Co- founded Nivela as a platform for Latin American thought leadership on climate & development and COP21.

My TED talk about fossil-free Costa Rica has often used to frame the story of Costa Rica as "a small country with big ideas" and as country has first abolished the army and will next abolish fossil fuels. Our platform to inspire, educate and empower citizens has built support for zero emissions transport. In May 2018, our new President announced precisely that: we would be the first country to "abolish" fossil fuels. The news have picked up internationally. I had the honor to work with the team that put together the fossil - free plan to 2050. 


I give many public talks throughout the year, internationally and at home.


The list includes: TED (global), MovinOn Conference (Montreal), Macron´s One Planet Summit (Paris), rEVolution (Netherlands), Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Nordic EV Summit (Norway), Smart Island Congress (Spain), LatAm Mobility Summit (Mexico) and many others. I have given talks in Buenos Aires, Kazakhstan, Manila, Lima, Puebla, Edinburgh, New Haven, El Salvador. Fancy places, humble ones. Big ones. Small ones.  I have something to say and will go to the audiences that want to hear it.   I also like writing, check the section that has my articles

  • My TED talk has over 1.2 million and together with other videos (Playground, ATN) they have reached nearly 4 million views. This has helped us believe in the power of using new media to reach new audiences, specially the younger ones.


I advise different initiatives on electric mobility and climate action:


  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the 2050 Pathways Platform to promote decarbonization

  • Member of the Advisory Committee an initiative by WRI, and UNDP,Partnership to promote long term climate strategies

  • Member of the Expert Group of the Climate Vulnerability Forum (CVF) 

  • Vice President of the Board of the Costa Rican Electric Mobility Association (ASOMOVE) 

  • Member of the Advisory Board of the State of the Nation (Estado de la Nacion), Costa Rica 

  • Regional lead of the International Climate Politics Hub (ICP).

I am also a senior policy adviser to E3G in London and to the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.  

I am a / have been consultant to initiatives, mostly in the Latin America and Europe.  


  • In 2014, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited me to France as part of their program "Personnalité d´Avenir

  • In 2016, I was the first Latin American woman to join the world´s largest all-female expedition to Antarctica – an annual women leadership initiative by Homeward Bound.  The goal is to have a network of 1,000 "women in STEM". 

  • In 2017, we received an award from the Ministry of Environment of France for our work on electric mobility.

  • In 2017, TED & BMW named me environmental mentor of Next Visionaries - a global contest on new mobility solutions.


I have a PhD and Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University and a Masters in Economic Policy from the Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica where I also got my Bachelors degree in Economics.



  • I split my time between San Jose, Costa Rica and Amsterdam (and Oslo).

Downloadable Bio & Photo

 I work as  a free lance and I support financially Costa Rica Limpia through my own consulting projects and public speaking.  I am not able to respond to all emails. If I fail to answer, I hope you will remember how busy life gets instead of taking it the wrong way.

No offense intended. Thank you for reaching out.