Robert Lelwelly from the TV program Fully Charge interview Monica to discuss progress in electric mobility, renewables and decarbonization in CR

I hand an in-depth interview with Foreign Policy about my country is doing to decarbonize the economy

Monica Araya speaks about President Alvarados decision to get rid of fossil fuels.

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El Mercurio TV: Monica Talks about Moving COP25 to Madrid

Interview about the implications of COP25 happening in Madrid instead of Santiago.

CNN Chile: Interview about COP25

Monica talks to CNN Chile about the expectations of COP25 in Chile, presented in July 2019

MEGA TV: Inteview in Chile about COP25 preparations

Monica talks about the significance of COP25 and why Chile has a good story to tell

From Poland, Monica Araya talks to Democracy Now 

I was a keynote speaker at the Environmental Assembly in Iceland.  Here is the interview on national TV (in English)

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TELETICA TV: 79 women go to Antarctica Dec 2016

Teletica, a TV channel in Costa Rica, interviewed Monica Araya about her trip to Antarctica.

76 mujeres participaron en expedición a la Antártida


TELETICA TV: Costa Rican dreams of fossil-free country 25.08.16

Teletica, a TV channel in Costa Rica, interviewed Monica Araya about her proposal to let go of fossil fuels for good just as the country did with the army.

"Tica llama la atención del mundo al decir que espera que el país no use combustibles fósiles"

TV REPRETEL: Civil-society project promotes electric buses in Costa Rica 14.07.16

Repretel, a TV channel in Costa Rica, interviewed Monica Araya about Costa Rica Limpia´s project on electric buses that won a contest in France.

"Iniciativa tica promueve el cambio a un sistema de transportes eléctrico"

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Interview with El Pais about the UN Climate Summit in New York

Monica spoke about the expectations of this global gathering and the need for new leadership that defends science.

EFE: Monica and colleagues from Homeward Bound talk about Antarctica and gender issues