Monica Araya

I work with leaders in governments, business, philanthropy, and activism to accelerate the shift toward fossil-free, sustainable mobility.

The electrification of road transportation with renewables is critical from a climate perspective, from an urban perspective we also need fewer cars in the city center, more cycling and walking. We need as many zero-emissions options as possible to secure greener and healthier cities.

In 2021, I have advised various global campaigns and initiatives, including the COP26 Climate Champions and RouteZero and Drive Electric campaign. I support the Costa Rican E-mobility Association and various initiatives. For more information visit here.

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News in 2021

Appointed Distinguished Fellow at ClimateWorks Foundation; Joined the Advisory Board Member at the Chilean E-mobility Council; and Advisory Board of the Global Partnership for Informal Transportation. 

In December, I had the great honor to be included in the

BBC 100 Women 2021.

COP26- related developments


The Drive Electric Campaign received $300 million from the Audacious Project. Watch the announcement at TED Climate Countdown in Edinburgh in Oct 2021. Here is the press release.  Read our article reflecting on the opportunities for zero-emission transport in Glasgow in November 2021. For COP26 engagement click here.