Monica Araya

I work with leaders in governments, business, philanthropy, and activism to accelerate the shift toward fossil-free, sustainable mobility.

The electrification of road transportation with renewables is critical from a climate perspective, from an urban perspective we also need fewer cars in the city center, more cycling and walking. We need as many zero-emissions options as possible to secure greener and healthier cities.

In 2021, I have advised various global campaigns and initiatives, including the COP26 Climate Champions and RouteZero and Drive Electric campaign. I support the Costa Rican E-mobility Association and various initiatives. For more information visit here.

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News in 2022

In January 2022, I moved to Oslo, Norway and I will continue my engagement with various projects from here. It´s very exciting to be back in the "EV Capital of the World!. In March 2022, I was named one of the "15 Electric Women 2022" by the global initiative TUMI. Exciting! 

In December, I had the great honor to be included in the

BBC 100 Women 2021.

Latest events

I participated in Transforming Transportation 2022 by the World Resources Institute & World Bank (video), Cornella Creatio in Cataluña (article) and several other online events, including the Costa Rican EV Association (video).