Monica Araya

I have worked for over 25 years with leaders in government, business, media and civil society to accelerate the shift towards a cleaner economy.   

My focus is on the shift to zero-emission mobility, emphasising the electrification of road transportation with renewables and active mobility, such as cycling and walking. We need as many zero-emissions options as possible!

Born in Costa Rica, I have lived in 10 countries and I am now based in Amsterdam - not only an iconic "bike city" but also an e-mobility frontrunner. The city plans to be emissions-free by 2030 and this means that I get to be part of this transformation "real time" and diffuse ideas for others working on the race to zero too.

Thank you for visiting this page; get in touch if you wan to exchange ideas to go faster towards a world without tailpipes!

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Since 2020, I'm the Transport Lead at Climate Champions, the conveners of the 'Race To Zero'.

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