Monica Araya

I work with leaders in governments, business, advocacy and philanthropy to accelerate the transition to a net-zero, resilient economy.  I have worked on sustainability issues for over 25 years and my focus today is on getting net-zero strategies "right". 

I was born in Costa Rica where I lived half of my life. The other half, I have lived it in nine countries, including the US, the UK, Spain and, more recently, The Netherlands and Norway. In Latin America, I have done extensive work in Chile.

Having studied economics, I combined a Masters in Economic Policy, from Costa Rica's National University, with a Masters and a Ph.D. in Environmental Management from Yale University. All my jobs have integrated sustainability and economic drivers of change.


Here are some examples: At the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Costa Rica and at Yale's Center for Environmental Law & Policy in the US, I worked on greening trade. At Climate Change Capital and E3G, in London, I worked on climate policy and finance. I have also been keen to work on strategies for specific industries, in particular, the electrification of road transportation and the clean energy transition. 

Today, I work as senior adviser to various initiatives and organizations. I am a Distinguished Fellow at ClimateWorks Foundation and a Fellow at the European Climate Foundation. From 2020-22, I worked as Special Adviser to the High-Level Champion for COP26.

I now live in Oslo with my husband, a Norwegian clean-tech entrepreneur. Living in Oslo is so invigorating because of the urban, economic and climate transformation that is underway. Exciting! 

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