Monica's third TED talk came out in October 2021 featuring an exciting announcement about the Drive Electric campaign. 


Monica was interviewed on the TED stage in Oct 2021 by the Head of TED, Chris Anderson, to discuss the support for Drive Electric from the TED Audacious Project. Monica was part of Outrage & Optimism Podcast on the future of transportation. She was part of Schneider Electric's Podcast, Innovation at the Edge, by Project Syndicate, TED Red Circle, rEVolution and TEDxLondon's Climate Curious Podcast. NPR Radio Hour featured her TED Talk about detoxing transportation. She spoke to BBC Radio 5.  


In Spanish:  ONU Cambio Climático en TwitterSpace, en el Podcast TED en Español, Entrevista en vivo con Acciona "Un Planeta de Científicas" y Mujeres Bacanas. Concluye la 3a temporada de nuestro podcast "Ponerse Las Pilas". Entrevista en El País sobre la Administración Biden y la agenda climática. Participación en podcasts (Revolución Circular, Cable a Tierra, Inspirados por la Naturaleza, Hablemos del Clima, Próxima Frontera). 

Entrevista en 2021: "Mónica Araya: Tras El Ajedrez de una Movilidad Descarbonizada".


Monica attended COP26 and joined several high-level events. She participated in various virtual events throughout the year including, Keynote speech at the U.S. Green Building Council's summit of 2021. She moderated the plenary event a Forth"s Roadmap 2021 on electric mobility. TUMI summit of 2021 event on the adoption of e-buses in the Global South | World Bank's e-Mobility event  | Event on Phasing out Gasoline organized by Green Consumers in Massachusetts | Presentation to entrepreneurs at Plug & Play Event | Race to Zero Dialogues | Webinars The Climate Group, by German Government, WEF & GIZ | World Car-Free Day Summit 2020 | Webinar: The End of Combustion Engines? | Webinar EVBox | Webinar by Chile Ministry of Environment, ACERA,  Generadoras de Chile | TED Red Circle | Acción" | Universidad Católica de Valparaíso


"The Internal Combustion Bust" (Project Syndicate), "En 2020 No Todo está Perdido" (Delfino.com), "Electrifying Mobility Benefits our Health and the Climate" (Enel.com), "The Race to Zero Emissions Vehicles is On"  and Raising the Bar in the Race to Zero Emission Vehicles (COP26), Against all odds, the Race to Zero is On (UNFCCC Race to Zero), Our Buses are Hurting our Kids, Here's how we Change that (The Hill) by Erika Myers, Chelsea Sexton and me.


Monica's second TED talk shows why cities are to clean up mobility.  Monica's third TED talk is a follow up, a year later, about the Drive Electric Campaign and coalition of over 70 partners. During the interview an exciting announcement in shared.